Sunday, August 17, 2014

Power, Corruption, and Entitlement

 So I'll open this blog with my first real post to give you all a view into my every day mind and attitude.

 I like to think that, while I'm quickly becoming a Right leaning anarchist, that I have my finger on the political pulse of this nation. And I can tell you this much, I'm disappointed and saddened by the state of affairs in Washington. No matter the direction you lean, one can't deny that our representatives in our nation's capital have lost sight of what their purpose is. This statement rings true for both the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. I won't even touch on the SCOTUS here as it seems that those retards need help wiping their asses every morning let alone properly interpreting the Constitution, but I digress.
 What the problem is, from my point of view, is that these clowns in DC have forgotten that their sole purpose in these positions, that we pay them for, is to represent the will and desires of the people from their districts, and not those of their chosen party or what ever lobby is lining their pockets. It seems to me that as soon as these people get elected to office, they have an almost instant brain fart and forget this most simple of concepts.
 Lets put it into perspective here. In the last six years, we have, as a nation, been through the greatest economic recession since the 1930's (hold your comments I'm getting there), the first ever reduction in our credit rating from AAA to AA, a Congress that is so wrapped up in partisan politics that they can't agree on anything, and a shut down of the federal government last fall that affected thousands of families across the country. Notice I didn't include the legislators in this. That's because, in the 1980's, they very conveniently exempted themselves from a suspension of pay and benefits in the event of this very scenario. I can say personally, that while these assholes were arguing about a budget I lost $5000.00 in pay between August and November of last year.
 On top of domestic woes, our dysfunctional government has made us the laughing stock of the global community by shunning our allies, bending over backwards to the UN, allowing uncountable numbers of illegal aliens to cross our southern border, watching our embassies get over ran by terrorists, and turning over a critically unstable region to a government that is just as inept as our own. Anyone miss Saddam yet?
Just a side note here;
Saddam Hussein attended the US Army War College at Leavenworth KS in the early 1980's and Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll at about the same time until he got left out to dry in the middle of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
  The point I'm making here is that this nation is in serious trouble and it isn't one man or one party that is at fault. The system has become corrupted and, much like a trashed hard drive, is going to have to be wiped clean and reloaded before we can get back to where we need to be. And of course, I have a few ideas that can get us there.
  1. Retroactively impose term limits on both Congress and the SCOTUS. This will minimize the amount of time these people have to further damage our nation in the name of personal gain.
  2. Limit Congressional pay to the median income of the State that they represent and disallow any incentive pay for serving on committees. Any consulting fees, speaking fees, or lobby monies need to also be disallowed. Let them live like their constituents for a while and they just might start listening.
  3. Immediately and indefinitely suspend all foreign aid until such a time as we have paid down our debts to a zero balance. This provision will also include a ban on borrowing. Washington needs to learn to live on a budget just like the rest of us.
  4. Eliminate both the IRS and the Federal Reserve and institute a 15% flat tax across the board for both individuals and businesses. This way, everyone pays an equal share based on income generation.
  5. CLOSE the borders! Anyone who wants to come to this country can stand in line and apply, Those who violate this can go to a hard labor camp for a few years prior to being shipped back to wherever they came from.
 Call me extreme if you want, but we are in a dire situation here people. This kind of garbage cannot go on any longer if we want to preserve the nation that we all grew up in.


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