Saturday, March 7, 2015

It just doesn't matter anymore

 Given the state of affairs in Washington these days, I think it is safe to say that it doesn't matter how much the Oval Office abuses its power or how many laws it bends, breaks, or outright ignores. The Republican majority in Congress is about as beneficial to this nation as the would-be dictator. Just this week, a clean DHS funding bill passed with very little opposition from the majority, proving that there is no difference between the parties but a name.  Back in November, The people spoke, and they spoke loudly. We accepted that neither party was the perfect fit but, we knew the the conservatives were the lesser of the two evils. We counted on them to reign in the insanity of the president. So far, they have talked a big game but in the end, have acquiesced every time. The result is, the US will soon be over-run by a flood of illegal immigrants from nations across the globe. Our boarders are grossly unprotected, CBT and ICE have been placed on a basic stand down by the DOJ, and any that refuse face immediate repercussions. Meanwhile, under pressure from the White House, the BATFE is moving forward with a ban on M855 "green tip" ammunition by classifying it as armor piercing. Some members of Congress have responded to this proposal, but  I fear it will not be enough. As demonstrated the Speaker of the House this week, he will only bend to the will of the Left when the issue comes to a vote.
 We have come to the point in our history where one of two things is going to happen, as I see it.
 Option 1: The powers that be in Washington will continue on the same path, whittling away the rights of the people bit by bit while we sit back and watch without doing much more that complaining on social media. Until the day comes in the near future that the expression of opinions and criticism of government becomes a criminal act.
Option 2: Enough people are going to wake up, stand up, and take this Republic back from the edge of destruction by rouge politicians, banksters, corporations, and foreign governments. This option will NOT be a peaceful revolution as many, myself included, would like it to be. It will be long, and bloody.
 The time for diplomatic resolution is nearing its end. If we don't make Washington listen now, the world will soon witness a complete destruction of everything that we once stood for. Freedom, prosperity, and opportunity will be little more than obscure passages in long outlawed texts. 

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